Each product and service offered by AIS is designed to flex and grow as our communities do, allowing us to provide uniquely tailored options that fit not just with the needs of today, but adapt to where you will be tomorrow.

Instead of forcing communities into ‘one-size-fits-all’ packages, or using predetermined premiums and coverages set annually as many other insurance companies do, AIS works directly with all of our underwriting partners to establish premiums, deductibles, enhancements, and warranties based on the Indigenous zone and the community’s individual risk profile. 

AIS offers proprietary products not available anywhere else in Canada.

At AIS, we work with our shareholders and member communities to develop customized products and solutions you actually need. We provide realistically priced options not otherwise available in the commercial insurance market, which allows us to protect previously uninsured or traditionally uninsurable risks.

One package. One point of contact. One unique solution.

AIS is able to provide one package to cover all the needs within the community, alleviating the stress and confusion that comes from dealing with multiple insurers.

AIS pioneered the No-claims Discount for member communities who operate claims free for any 12 month period.

Programs and Services

Community Asset Program
The Community Asset Program provides insurance for property owned by an Indigenous community, and/or property the community has an insurable interest in. This program covers commercial and residential buildings, contractor ’s equipment, water and waste water treatment plants, vehicles, schools, businesses, and other operations both on and off designated reserve lands.

All operations of the community can be covered under the program, including all governing bodies, administration, health and day-care facilities, and other businesses. As well, coverage extends to anyone working for or on behalf of the community and any business or operation the coEmmunity owns or controls.

Friendship and Wellness Centres (Community Services)
Friendship and Wellness Centres play a vibrant role in Indigenous communities. Unfortunately, these programs also contain inherent risks that if not appropriately controlled could result in injuries, and seriously damage your organization’s reputation and ability to perform its mission.

At AIS, we understand the many different types of services and activities offered through Friendship and Wellness Centres. Not only are we comfortable with these exposures, we recognize that there will be different, more challenging programs you’ll want to offer tomorrow. Our Community Services program offers customized coverage options for Friendship and Wellness Centres that consistently sets the standard for the highest level of protection.

Police Officer Criminal Defence Coverage
Self-Administered Police Services play an important role in many Indigenous communities. The employees of these services are empowered with certain special authorities, which are used in the performance of their jobs. With those authorities come certain unique risks that require specialized insurance coverage for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage that may arise while performing those jobs.

The Police Officer Criminal Defence Coverage Program also covers sworn officers, civilian employees, auxiliary officers, board members, Chief of Police, and volunteers as additional  insureds. Key coverages include Criminal Legal Defence Coverage, Coroners’ Inquest Coverage, and Disciplinary Hearing Coverage.

Commercial Marine
Being involved in marine related industries presents several opportunities for captains and business owners, but it also carries an elevated exposure to risk. Regardless of whether or not you have one small vessel or large operations, you not only have increased liability, but a business that is directly dependent on your vessel being in good working order.

AIS offers a wide variety of Commercial Marine products targeted specifically for Indigenous commercial fish harvesting and processing operations including commercial fishing vessels, onshore and offshore aquaculture operations, marinas, docks and wharves.

We will work with you to assess the risks and exposures related to your marine business and help you avoid gaps in coverage.

Directors and Officers Coverage
Directors and officers are fiduciaries of corporations, responsible for managing the affairs of these organizations. They must act with due diligence in carrying out their responsibilities and can be held personally liable if their neglect results in a loss to the corporation or its shareholders.

Our Directors and Officers coverage protects against legal judgments and related expenses resulting from allegations of wrongful acts committed in their individual capacity as company directors and officers.

Construction and Bonding Insurance
AIS offers a full suite of construction insurance products and bonding capacity under one facility, all at competitive prices. We can insure the construction and operational phases of projects of all size, in any part of the world, including:

» Infrastructure – tunnels, bridges, roads, ports
» Buildings – from condos to office blocks, stadiums, etc.
» Pipelines, water treatment, supply projects
» Hydroelectric power stations with associated civil works

Project owners and contractors can secure a single policy on an insurance or reinsurance basis to cover the multiple classes of insurance required during construction and early operational periods of their projects.

We also specialize in in Surety Bonds for small and emerging contractors. We can provide both Contract and Commercial Bonding Solutions across Canada.

Legal Expense Insurance (including Land Claims)
Legal disputes are more and more common, creating a need for Indigenous companies, groups, and people to have access to affordable legal services.

Legal Expense Insurance gives Indigenous people and communities access to legal advice and coverage for the legal costs of defending or pursuing certain legal actions, including land claims, and against hired contractors who fail to perform (such as building contractors). Legal Expense Insurance is intended to cover the legal fees, research costs, expert witnesses, the conduct of a trial and appeals, and other related expenses. It will also cover the cost of insurance premiums for the policy itself, which the Indigenous community would not normally be able to afford.

Our Legal Expense program includes both Before the Event coverage, which is purchased in advance of a legal dispute, or and After the Event coverage which is purchased after a legal dispute has come up.

Homeowner's Insurance
Whether you are a private homeowner, living in social housing, or renting and in need of tenants coverage, our Homeowners Insurance Program has you covered.

We also offer Mortgage Life Insurance for outstanding mortgage amounts with the Housing Authority as the beneficiary, and automatic notification to Housing Authorities should a homeowner terminate or lapse private homeowners insurance, allowing the Housing Authority the option of assuming the insurance.

Our tenants insurance covers the contents for those residing in social housing units both temporarily and permanently. By using one master policy, all tenants are insured automatically, with the annual general premium usually paid for by the housing department.

Executive Protection Life Insurance
Standard employee group benefits packages provide a good solid base of coverage in all areas for the majority of the staff in an Indigenous community or corporation, but it generally does not include the Chief and Council, nor does it provide adequate coverage for all key employees. Most staff have a good percentage of their income replaced and health care
provided for by a standard group benefit plan, but the Chief and Council are often excluded from these benefit programs.

At AIS, our Executive Protection Program is designed to reduce or eliminate this issue. The Program takes the best of existing group coverage, integrates it with individual customized solutions, and leverages a funding level equal to that of other employees.

Chief and Council Benefits
» Life Insurance
» Dependent Life
» Extended Health Care
» Vision Care
» Dental Care

Energy Programs
Energy Transportation

AIS offers insurance protection packages for Energy companies who transport gasoline and/or distillates, crude oil, asphalt, and oilfield services materials such as drilling supplies, sand, and water.

Fuel Distribution Program
» Heating Oil and Bio-diesel
» Propane and Natural Gas
» Motor Fuels (Resale / Wholesale)
» Electrical Charging Stations
» Renewable Fuel Products
» Brokered Electricity
» Terminal Operators
» Related Service Work
» Fuelling Stations

Exploration and Production Program
Our Exploration and Production Program is a unique risk management solution and insurance program for oilfield service companies that are committed to Industry Best Practices. The program is specifically designed for supply and services for onshore oil and gas operations.

Green Energy Program
Whether an Indigenous group is leading a project or responding to an outside proponent ’s duty to consult, we empower communities to derive an enhanced financial or ownership benefit from developments. Our Renewable Energy Group has a proven track record in providing innovative solutions to a wide range of renewable energy clients both  nationally and internationally.

Training and Development Services - Including WSIB
AIS offers both comprehensive and multi-tiered educational programs to help communities develop a designated community trainer. Our programs are complimented by a series of seminars that focus on specific areas including residential systems, mould cleaning, workplace safety, basic energy management, wood energy, and asset management.

Training services are available through distance learning (self-study) as well as hands-on, class-based options. AIS works directly with community leaders and members to customize the needs and scope of all our training programs.

Our workplace Safety Program offers workplace related programs in segment specific modules:
» WSIB Claims Management and Coordination
» Medical Claims Management and Coordination
» Human Resources Management
» Occupational Health and Safety Services
» Fleet Management and CVOR Services

Financial Products
AIS helps assess individual and family insurance needs, to ensure you have the right plan in place for your financial future. We’re knowledgeable in non taxation of pensionable earnings before and after retirement, so we can ensure you receive the right advice at each stage.

Wealth Management Products
» Financial Planning
» Segregated Funds
» Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
» Annuities
» Registered Disability Savings Programs (RDSPs)
» Corporate Class Mutual Funds
» Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)
» Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Insurance Products
» Life Insurance
» Disability Insurance
» Critical Illness
» Long Term Care

Other Products
» Business Financial Planning
» Stewardship Program
» Creditor Insurance
» Executive Health Programs
» Group Employee Benefits
» Band Employee Benefits
» Native Benefits Pension Plan
» Group Retirement Pension Plan
» Pension Recovery