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Funding for First Nation Forestry Iniatives

The Indigenous Forestry Initiative is a funding program for Aboriginal communities and their economic development projects, especially those in the forestry sector.

To be accepted for funding, projects must qualify in the following areas:

1. Clean technology and participation in the forest bioeconomy
Example: a project promoting the use of biomass for heat and power to reduce reliance on diesel fuel

2. Environmental stewardship
Example: a project that focuses, on climate change mitigation and adaptation, land reclamation, or environmental/ecological services

3. Use and management of forest resources
Example: a project that gives people in the community training in forest management

Eligible projects also need to have at least one partner—such as the federal or provincial government, a research organization, or other industry—who are contributing financially or with goods and services that are in-kind.

Who can apply for funding?

  • Indigenous communities and governments
      – band and tribal councils
      – governments of self-governing First Nations
      – local governments of Inuit communities
      – Métis organizations
      – economic development corporations
  • for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, associations, co-operatives and institutions that are Indigenous or majority-owned and controlled by Indigenous people or fully endorsed by an Indigenous partner organization or community
  • provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments working with an Indigenous partner organization
  • academic institutions and research associations working with an Indigenous partner organization

For more information on the program, or information on how to apply, visit Natural Resources Canada.