Emergency Response

AIS teams have the technical knowledge and expertise to handle any level emergency with the highest regard for the environment, health, and safety. We can rapidly deploy teams of experienced, trained, and certified workers to meet the need of any sized incident across Canada, even those in remote northern locations.

Whether for immediate response situation or post disaster clean-up operations, we supply the manpower, equipment, communication, operational supervision, and logistical support. Our qualified contractors and labourers can handle any size emergency, from small recovery operations to large scale environmental disasters.

Our response teams will also help secure property, equipment, and assets to help minimize any further loss.

Aboriginal Insurance Services - Emergency Response
AIS Disaster and emergency response

Disaster Planning

When disasters strike a business or community, all capabilities and people are affected. Everything from daily operations, customers and services, to safety, security, and well-being can be effected. Even with days of warning that a pending disaster is approaching, the event can still cause panic and fear. Without a plan in place for employees, families, or citizens to follow, chaos ensues, creating an even worse situation for business or community leaders, law enforcement, and first responders.

Our certified and qualified training experts are available to help your business, group, or community prepare for potential disasters. Avoid panic and build confidence within your community and workplace by addressing the possible consequences of a disaster, and creating a response plan. Our services also include auditing existing plans, assisting with annual plan reviews, management and employee training, and preparation and execution exercises to help familiarize administrators, members, employees, and volunteers in your plan’s procedures.

We also offer financial and administrative planning.

Aboriginal Insurance Services (AIS)
Aboriginal Insurance Services - Risk Management and Disaster Relief

Restoration and Reconstruction

Finding the right people who know how to handle restoration and reconstruction after a disaster is a must. A wrong decision can lead to undesirable results and further damage.

Our highly trained and certified contractors and tradespeople have years of experience dealing with post disaster clean-up, reconstruction, and restoration. From simple remodeling and repairs to full reconstruction, our skilled contractors and labourers have the knowledge and resources to provide you the services you need to put businesses, homes, or infrastructure back together quickly and efficiently.

We oversee all areas of the restoration, remodeling, or reconstruction process, and work closely with your insurance company to ensure they have the information they need to handle your claim quickly.

Aboriginal Insurance Services - Restoration and Reconstruction Services
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