About Us

Aboriginal Insurance Services (AIS) fast-paced growth began in 2012 when a group of insurance brokers consolidated their Aboriginal business portfolios and the new company was introduced to Canada as Aboriginal Insurance Services, Inc. AIS then partnered with some of the most well-known players in the insurance and consulting industries. Although not all AIS partners have this depth of history, many have been notable players in their respective fields for years.

Since 2012, AIS has created 46 full time jobs across Canada, sponsored 26 insurance brokerages, and gained insurance contacts with several A-rated insurers including Lloyds of London.

AIS goes beyond offering the most comprehensive and competitively priced insurance programs by providing clients with risk management and loss reduction services.

AIS aims to be the most responsive, client-focused insurance and consulting service for Canada’s Indigenous people. We continually seek out the very best in underwriting consultants to ensure our partner brokers have access to the best in class. This unique underwriting concept allows us to provide a wide variety of experts for our clients, with the most thorough research and development possible.

We work through a centralized, national control firm staffed with Indigenous adjusters. Regardless of your location within Canada, we provide you with a locally experienced claims adjuster that understands your needs, your culture, and your community.